I’m finally writing my very first post for this site! I hope that Becoming A Mama will be a fun place to share parenting stories and my passion for natural parenting – along with links to my natural products for mamas and babies. My name is Bethany, and I am the mother of the two sweetest little girls. Right now, Emma is 18 months and Selah is 7 months old. They are quite a lot of work right now, but we are settling into a bit of a routine, so I’m hoping to have some time to blog once in a while! My husband, Ryan, is wonderfully kind, caring, and supportive – and he’s also a very talented web programmer.

I’m a natural-birthing, baby-wearing, breast-feeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping kind of mom. I also dream about becoming a midwife someday. I’m working on creating some great products for other natural mama’s, so check back often!