Once a month, I host a meal swap with several other ladies. Yesterday was the day for the April meeting! We met at my home to talk, share feedback, and swap our meals.  It is always so beautiful to see a table full of meals, ready to fill our freezers and to serve our families.  It really is fun to try meals made by other people – it is almost like eating at a restaurant, especially if you have a group of great cooks like I do!

We have a consistent group of five ladies, and next month we may be adding one more!  Each person prepares two recipes, so usually we have 10 meals for our freezer (if you count the meals you make yourself).  The meals are supposed to serve 4 people, but we always tend to have leftovers.  So, 10 meals may really last for a while.  

Here is the menu for our April swap:

  • Hearty Lasagna
  • Ham, Brocolli, and Cheese Calzones (with spaghetti sauce)
  • Margarita Chicken (with rice and tortillas)
  • Chicken Nacho Kit (with chips and cheese)
  • Kilbesa Sausage and Bowtie Pasta 
  • Shredded Pork and Beans
  • Beef Chili
  • Beef Stew
  • Pizza Kits
  • Quiche
Quite a variety, huh?  It is so neat to see how creative you can get with freezer meals.  I’ll be posting several freezer-friendly recipes from time to time.  Also, we continue to use the book Cooking Among Friends as a guide.  It has some great tips!
Here are pictures of the swap: