The Natural Mommy is hosting Meet and Greet Monday, where we all share pictures of someone we’d like you to meet (usually, our kids!).  

I saved some particularly interesting pictures from our weekend, just to share on this Meet and Greet occasion!  These pictures demonstrate just how my husband and I are able to get any gardening or landscaping done:

I was watching the girls while they splashed in the sprinkler.  Until, daddy came back from the store with a truckload of dirt…

The damage was done, so we decided to give Emma a few minutes of mud time.

Then, Emma showed us that she now understands how to pose for the camera!  Here she is, smiling to show me her muddy self…

And, of course, a nice neighbor with a clean little boy chose that moment to walk down the street and talk to us!  What are people going to think?!