It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything.  Where have we been?  Well…

First, Ryan and I got an actual date on Saturday afternoon. My parents watched the girls, and we went out to see the new Indiana Jones movie in the theater! It is a bit cheesy, but absolutely entertaining and fun for big Indy fans!

Then, we spent Memorial Day weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas…our first real little vacation with the girls. We really were in need of a little fun and rest, and we had such a great time. Our girls impressed us so much, and did great the whole time (except for a bit of sleeping/teething issues the first night). We stayed at a B&B, walked around downtown Fredericksburg, picked peaches and blackberries, played with friends at the LBJ State Park, and took lots of adorable pictures!

This is one of our new favorite pictures!  I can’t believe that Selah held onto that swing all by herself. She loved it!


Emma and Daddy picking peaches.  They could have sat under that tree, eating peaches for hours!

Emma: “Daddy keeps telling me to stop and say ‘cheese.'”

Yesterday, we had a fun pool party with friends from church.  It was the perfect summer+kids+pool+watermelon+good food kind of party!  

Then…today was the May Meal Swap!  Now, my freezer is once again full of wonderful meals for the month. I will write again soon to share the menu and pictures from that.