There is a new sale going on now at Randalls!  The Summer Savings Marathon allows you to earn $5, $10, or $20 coupons off your next grocery trip by buying a certain number of participating items.  For example, if you buy 25 participating items in one transaction, you will receive a coupon for $20 to spend on your next shopping trip.  This promotion lasts until 7/29, so you can go multiple times.  

The trick is to try and find 25 items that you either really need, or that are very inexpensive, or that you have coupons for.  The goal is to spend $25-$35, and then get $20 back to spend next time.  On your next trip, you can use that coupon to buy more participating items!  Sometimes there is a list of the approved items on their website, but I did not see one, so you must look through every isle in the store for the Summer Savings tag…they are easy to spot.

Also, strawberries are on sale for 1.47/pound this week, and there is a special coupon for certain Kellogs’ cereal 4/$6.

Happy shopping!