Breastfeeding has so many great benefits for both the mother and the baby – but it gets even better than colostrum, antibodies, and the mother’s weight loss.

Here are some extra special things I have discovered by breastfeeding…

  • looking at those chubby thighs, and realizing that I helped that little person grow so big
  • that almost-silent sucking and swallowing sound
  • a tiny hand caressing my face or chest
  • that milk-drunk, half-smile, sleepy look
  • asking my baby if she wants to nurse, and getting an excited head nod with a huge smile!
  • picking up a running toddler, and having a few moments of total snuggling, peace, and quiet
  • watching the enthusiastic baby sign language, when she’s asking to nurse
  • no bottle washing or thinking about formula

Hmm, I’m sure I’ve missed a ton. What else can you think of?