Selah’s first birthday party was just a few weeks ago, and already it is time to plan Emma’s second birthday party! I guess this will always be a busy time of the year for birthdays!

Here is what is new with the girls:

Selah has picked up on all of the baby sign language. She can sign “more”, “milk”, “juice”, and “help”. She can climb up and down stairs, and she loves watering all of the plants in the garden and sweeping the kitchen floor. She loves all cats, and practically jumps on them as she pets them. She is part toddler and part baby… once in a while, she still wants to nurse and get snuggled by mommy!

Emma is almost 2, but she must think she is sooo much older than that! Some of her favorite sentences are “I do it”, “I want this”, and “Oh, no, it’s broken”, followed by “it needs bayees” (batteries). She can help set and clear the table, and help make cookies and salads. She loves to read and look at pictures of fishes. Her new talent is playing the keyboard and singing into the microphone at Nana’s house. Oh, and yesterday, she peddled her tricycle down the sidewalk all by herself!

And, then there’s the Daddy:

Ryan is working hard, and the girls love that they can have daddy-time throughout the day during his breaks. Emma loves to spend time with Daddy in the office, playing on the computer with her special typing program. Selah always calls out “dada” and runs into his arms, even if Ryan’s only been away for a few minutes! Ryan is our head-gardener, bug-catcher, fixer-upper, lawn-mower, and talented web programmer. Check out what he’s been working on.

I love you, my little family!