My husband is so great – he is totally pro breast feeding and attachment parenting, and always tells me how proud he is when I nurse in public or do something else like that. 🙂 Although I have had a few “how much longer are you going to nurse?” questions, I have never really had anyone make a comment about me nursing in public. The funny thing is… all of the comments that I have dealt with while breast feeding have come from young girls – the neighbor girls from down the street who are always visiting my house and playing with my daughters. They range in age from 4 to 10 years old, and apparently, breast feeding is foreign to them.

Today’s comment was priceless… One of the girls watched as I nursed my toddler (who was making it a tiny bit difficult to be discreet), and just sat there pondering it for several moments. Finally, she said, “Bethany, are you sure that babies are supposed to do that?!” (We have already had several long discussions about the health and other benefits of breast feeding.) I just chuckled, and reminded her that this is the way babies are supposed to eat. 🙂