I’m way behind in my quest to blog our bio-intensive gardening process. We started much of the planning and soil preparation as early as January, and now in the second week of March, we are well into digging, fertilizing, and planting.

Our backyard has experienced a tremendous makeover – from four narrow garden rows to four large, deep bio-intensive growing beds. The digging method in the book “How to Grow Everything…” is known as a double-dig, and it truly is amazing to watch it make our soil expand and fill with life.


We have four homemade wooden flats for planting seeds. This picture shows the very first bed Ryan dug. Just by adding a bit of compost and doing a big double dig, he raised the level of that dirt to the top of those boards. 🙂

img_87432This shows the first two beds, as well as the paths we set all around them (in order to walk through to plant and weed without stepping on any planting area.

More pictures to come!