I clearly remember one week in March of 2009. Ryan was outside digging a garden bed with our little girls. His mother was visiting and staying with us for the week. I suspected something, peed on a stick, saw two lines, and ran outside to whisper to Ryan that I was pregnant! It was too hard to keep it a secret with family around, so we invited everyone over for desset and shared our news right away.

I remember sitting on the living room floor late at night, talking about midwives and baby names. A few days later I was still not feeling sick yet so I took another test and the line was lighter. Then, the spotting started. I made it through a family dinner, then called a midwife who helped me understand what to expect. It was a blessedly quick process – one night full of cramping and bleeding, and it was over. We had to tell all the family members, and it was awful.

Fast forward to March of 2010 – so much has happened. I got to see those two lines again on another positive pregnancy test! My big girls turned two and three. We moved from Texas to Florida. And, one day in the middle of March, our newest daughter Eliana Joy was born!

Her name means “My God has answered me with joy.”