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I’ve taken a long break from blogging – just not sure if it’s a priority right now. But, Babywearing Week made me want to do some writing and post some pictures! So, here is what is new with us this Monday:

Our garden is pretty full of tomatoes, which is encouraging!  We really want to succeed at this garden thing, but a small yard in the suburbs in a challenge.  But, right now, my kitchen counter has a pretty nice heap of tomatoes to use for dinner and then to freeze.
Here are pictures (that are actually a few weeks old now):

Emma, looking pretty and thoughtful:


Cherry tomatoes!:


The little backyard garden:

Selah, being a silly one year-old:
Home Grown Beans
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Last weekend, we celebrated Selah’s 1st birthday with friends and family. Two 1st birthday parties within one year!! Selah wasn’t too interested in the presents or the cake during the party, but she really likes all of her new toys and clothes now! It was so interesting to compare our two daughters and how differently they reacted at their birthday parties. They are the best of friends, but their personalities are so different…it’s wonderful to watch. 🙂

Here’s Selah and Mommy looking at her cake:

Selah's First Birthday Party

I created a teddy bear birthday cake for my “Selah Bear”:

Selah's First Birthday Party

And, here’s a very tired Emma, after the party:

Selah's First Birthday Party

It’s Monday, and time again for The Natural Mommy’s Meet-and-Greet!  Here are some pictures of the girls from this weekend.  First, their new favorite activity…reading old National Geographic magazines!  It’s so cool…Emma looks through them intently, and points out all of the fish, ducks, monkeys, and birds. 🙂

Emma scolding Selah for ripping the cover of a magazine…”no no no”! 

Why is this so cute?!  Somehow, it looks like I have two toddlers all of a sudden. That’s Selah trying on Mommy’s headband.  She looks so hip. 🙂

There it is.  Check out The Natural Mommy for more Meet-and-Greets!


The other day at church, I noticed that Emma is really enjoying the activities that go on in the nursery.  She understands when snack time on coming, and gets so excited about it!  I think she just loves feeling like she is part of a class…so, I got the idea to insert a few little “school” activities into our daily routine.  Here is our first snacktime at home, complete with sitting together at a table, praying, and sharing our food! 🙂

(I apologize for the bib-without-a-shirt look!)

(Emma signing “more”)

That’s it!  Go check out The Natural Mommy to see more Meet-and-Greets!

The Natural Mommy is hosting Meet and Greet Monday, where we all share pictures of someone we’d like you to meet (usually, our kids!).  

I saved some particularly interesting pictures from our weekend, just to share on this Meet and Greet occasion!  These pictures demonstrate just how my husband and I are able to get any gardening or landscaping done:

I was watching the girls while they splashed in the sprinkler.  Until, daddy came back from the store with a truckload of dirt…

The damage was done, so we decided to give Emma a few minutes of mud time.

Then, Emma showed us that she now understands how to pose for the camera!  Here she is, smiling to show me her muddy self…

And, of course, a nice neighbor with a clean little boy chose that moment to walk down the street and talk to us!  What are people going to think?!

It’s time again for The Natural Mommy’s Meet-and-Greet Monday!  So, here are some pictures to share what we’ve been doing lately…

On Saturday, we headed down to Austin for the Earth Day Festival and Farmers’ Market.  Here is Emma enjoying a bubble machine with Grandma:

And, Emma and Mommy sharing a yummy (spicy) chicken tamale for lunch:

And, a super-cute picture of Daddy and Selah snuggling while waiting to buy more food:

And, now a really funny picture of Emma!  There is a little puppy who lives down the street, and Emma seems to find that puppy and carry him around whenever she can.  When she was told to bring the puppy back to his home, she hopped onto her little car, and just took that puppy for a ride like it was the most normal thing to do.  (The puppy lives in a home full of girls, so he is very used to being held by little kids!)

Both Grandma and Daddy grabbed their cameras, and followed Emma down the street like the paparazzi!

So, that was our weekend.  Check out The Natural Mommy for more Meet-and-Greets!

I’m joining in The Natural Mommy’s Meet-and-Greet Monday, and sharing some pictures from the last few days. 

Today, we got out the grain mill and ground some hard red wheat flour.  It is so yummy – although it is a bit of work to stand there and grind it by hand!  Here is Emma, trying to figure out the machine, and tasting some of the wheat as she goes…

I love this picture!  She actually liked munching on the wheat berries.

And, then we went outside to water and feed the plants.  Look how big the plants are getting!

I hope you have had a fun week, too!  If you get the chance, go over to The Natural Mommy and join in the Meeting-and-Greeting!

We’re joining in with The Natural Mommy’s Meet-and-Greet Monday. Here is an ordinary picture of what we’ve been doing lately. Sometimes, the girls just want to be pulled around the house in the wagon. (Our house isn’t that big, so it’s not really that exciting!)

Notice the play cell-phone Emma has tucked into the wagon for her pretend phone calls to Daddy.

And, now Emma is relaxing with her feet up, munching on some goldfish crackers she found in an Easter egg! Selah is just smiling at her Mommy (aww!).

I am so excited about this! Last night, my husband built a lightbox for me! We bought some foam presentation board at Walmart, and some fancy lights at Home Depot, and he rigged up a very professional-looking mini photography studio. I really wanted this lightbox so that I can take pictures of my natural mama products that will be coming very soon!

So, because I have such a sweet husband, I want everyone to Meet-and-Greet him today! Here he is, being so creative and helpful!

Oh, and by the way, he also took that wonderful picture of the Monkey Bread in the previous post with the lightbox!)

Go visit The Natural Mommy for this week’s official Meet-and-Greet!