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This is very exciting!! Look over to the left, under the Blogroll…and see that there are Products now! If you click on that link, you will go to my Etsy store where you can browse and read about my very first product.

I am so happy to finally tell you all about my Birthing Comfort Kits. This kit was inspired by my Bradley instructor (thank you, Chan!) and my own natural childbirth experience. The tools in this kit will help you practice a variety of massage techniques that are especially relaxing and soothing to the laboring woman – for a Bradley birth, natural childbirth, or even for use in the hospital as extra comfort measures.


Labor Cheat Sheet
Use your Labor Cheat Sheet to keep all your favorite relaxation ideas in one place; write notes and tips for your labor coach.

Rice Sock
Heat the rice sock in your microwave until it’s a comfortable temperature. This is great for a back massage, counter pressure, or a warm compress on cramps. An un-warmed rice sock can also make a great back prop to keep a little baby from rolling away while you lay on your side to nurse.

Pool Noodle
Have your coach roll the pool noodle back and forth on your shoulders or lower back for a nice, firm massage.

Bendy Straws
An easy way to stay hydrated while in labor or relaxing in your bed or bath – have your bendy straws ready in a cup of water, bottle of Gatorade, or a warm cup of tea. Ask your labor coach to help you take frequent sips!

Hard Plastic Water Bottle
Fill with warm water or ice water for different temperature back rubs, or simply fill with the beverage of your choice and stay hydrated!

Disposable Pads
These are very helpful for soaking up all kinds of messes!

Door Sign
Welcome your visitors with important details about your baby and a friendly reminder to be helpful and bring food!

Thank You Notes

Write a quick thank-you to helpful doctors, midwives, and nurses before going home…you may even want to get an early start on thank-you notes for baby gifts!


A nice treat to keep your mouth moist, lollipops also apply accu-pressure to the roof of the mouth, an area thought to decrease pain and anxiety.

Becoming a Mama Bag

A small blue tote bag, perfect for carrying all of your relaxation supplies to the birth center or hospital!