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I’ve taken a long break from blogging – just not sure if it’s a priority right now. But, Babywearing Week made me want to do some writing and post some pictures! So, here is what is new with us this Monday:

Our garden is pretty full of tomatoes, which is encouraging!  We really want to succeed at this garden thing, but a small yard in the suburbs in a challenge.  But, right now, my kitchen counter has a pretty nice heap of tomatoes to use for dinner and then to freeze.
Here are pictures (that are actually a few weeks old now):

Emma, looking pretty and thoughtful:


Cherry tomatoes!:


The little backyard garden:

Selah, being a silly one year-old:
Home Grown Beans
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International Babywearing Week is November 12-18, and Steph from Adventures in Babywearing is asking all of us to share babywearing stories and photos.  There is also a contest to win a sling from Nonny & Boo!

I’m so sad that I don’t really have any great babywearing pictures to share!  But, this is the most current one, of Selah and I visited daddy at the grand opening of his new software, DonorTools, back in September. Aww, a snuggly, sleeping toddler in a sling!


My girls are now both active toddlers (16 months and 27 months) so they don’t often want to be in the sling or wrap.  But, when they do, it is a sweet, sweet moment.  My good friend has a new baby girl, and it is so wonderful to see all the wraps and slings being used by a newborn again.  It makes me smile and feel all cuddly. 🙂

My wonderful husband is preparing for the grand opening of DonorTools, an amazing web-based software application for donation management and donor record-keeping. The official grand opening is next week, when we will attend the  2008 Greenlights Crossroads Conference for Nonprofit Excellence in Austin.  In preparation for the festivities, he ordered shirts for the whole family – see how great we look!

You can check out his DonorTools blog here!

My husband is so great – he is totally pro breast feeding and attachment parenting, and always tells me how proud he is when I nurse in public or do something else like that. 🙂 Although I have had a few “how much longer are you going to nurse?” questions, I have never really had anyone make a comment about me nursing in public. The funny thing is… all of the comments that I have dealt with while breast feeding have come from young girls – the neighbor girls from down the street who are always visiting my house and playing with my daughters. They range in age from 4 to 10 years old, and apparently, breast feeding is foreign to them.

Today’s comment was priceless… One of the girls watched as I nursed my toddler (who was making it a tiny bit difficult to be discreet), and just sat there pondering it for several moments. Finally, she said, “Bethany, are you sure that babies are supposed to do that?!” (We have already had several long discussions about the health and other benefits of breast feeding.) I just chuckled, and reminded her that this is the way babies are supposed to eat. 🙂

I saw these pregnancy questions at Adventures in Babywearing, and I thought I would join in!

Preggy Facts:

1. Who did you first inform about your pregnancy and how?
I told Ryan, who was still asleep bed.  He says that I was screaming and pulling him out of bed… he really thought that I was being eaten by a giant insect.

2. Maximum weight?
I don’t remember… I gained close to 30lb I think.

3. Cravings?
frozen lemonade

4. Aversions?
fast food

5. Morning Sickness?
Only for about a month… although I was working as a NICU nurse then, so it was kinda awful.

D Day Facts:

1. Number of Kids/Deliveries?
2 kids, one delivery, one by the miracle of adoption 🙂

2. NSD or CS?
completely natural

3. Girl or Boy?

4. AOG (age of gestation) on Birth?
40 weeks and 6 days (according to the actual due date!)

5. How long in labor?
I guess about 12 hours from the time I woke up and wandered around the house with contractions… but only about 2 hours of active labor – then she came pushing herself out!

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Here are two recent, cute pictures of the girls:

That’s Selah, just being cute while eating a snack.  She is so good and climbing up and down the stool now, so that she can see what I’m doing and help herself to snacks. 🙂

And, here’s Emma, discovering jewelry and a rocking horse when we were staying at an old cottage in Fredericksburg several weeks ago.  Here new favorite phrase is, “I want this.” 🙂

I found a new blog to read… Adventures in Babywearing! It is especially fun to read right now, because the blogger is very pregnant. 🙂 She has compiled a great list of Babywearing Bloggers, so of course I wanted to join in. (I’m somewhere near the bottom of the list.) You can also see the neat little button on the left of my blog! It just makes me smile to think of so many other people who love carrying their babies – and toddlers – in slings and wraps.

Here’s a picture of me and Emma, and our ring sling. I love the fact that Emma wants to be carried in the sling now. She didn’t get very much baby-wearing time as an infant, because I was big and pregnant while carrying her around, but she is making up for it now at 2 years old!  Isn’t that great?!

Selah’s first birthday party was just a few weeks ago, and already it is time to plan Emma’s second birthday party! I guess this will always be a busy time of the year for birthdays!

Here is what is new with the girls:

Selah has picked up on all of the baby sign language. She can sign “more”, “milk”, “juice”, and “help”. She can climb up and down stairs, and she loves watering all of the plants in the garden and sweeping the kitchen floor. She loves all cats, and practically jumps on them as she pets them. She is part toddler and part baby… once in a while, she still wants to nurse and get snuggled by mommy!

Emma is almost 2, but she must think she is sooo much older than that! Some of her favorite sentences are “I do it”, “I want this”, and “Oh, no, it’s broken”, followed by “it needs bayees” (batteries). She can help set and clear the table, and help make cookies and salads. She loves to read and look at pictures of fishes. Her new talent is playing the keyboard and singing into the microphone at Nana’s house. Oh, and yesterday, she peddled her tricycle down the sidewalk all by herself!

And, then there’s the Daddy:

Ryan is working hard, and the girls love that they can have daddy-time throughout the day during his breaks. Emma loves to spend time with Daddy in the office, playing on the computer with her special typing program. Selah always calls out “dada” and runs into his arms, even if Ryan’s only been away for a few minutes! Ryan is our head-gardener, bug-catcher, fixer-upper, lawn-mower, and talented web programmer. Check out what he’s been working on.

I love you, my little family!

In case you missed the interview of Steven Curtis Chapman and his family on Good Morning America, you can watch it here. I thought that GMA did a good job of portraying the family, and allowing their faith to shine through. The Chapmans all did a wonderful job of speaking about their loss and describing the faith that gives them hope.